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Published: 26th May 2011
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two wheeler insurance for your bike, critical illness insurance for you and your family, and even group motor policies are easily available online. Websites like www.marutiinsurance.comoffer additional benefits if you purchase policies online.

Secure your Bike Ride by Two Wheeler Insurance in India

Being a car owner is a matter of pride for most of the Indians. In fact, a car is among the most luxurious automobile across the world. People who manage to invest in a car is truly a matter of pride for them. One thing which makes owning a car little different from owning other mobile assets is the awareness about car policy in India. One of the reasons about this enhanced awareness may be attributed to compulsory legal requirement for having car insurance. Other less common reasons for this awareness can be attributed to the feeling of security for their investments.

However, many car owners still rely on traditional mode of car policy in India and wonder why buying online insurance is a good idea. However, such car owners fail to realise the greatest benefit, which comes in the form of ability to have the vehicle insurance booked instantly. In fact, ability to book instantly alone is the biggest reason why one must buy insurance online. However, even if you wish to research a bit more on websites like you would find several reasons and benefits of buying car insurance online.

Car insurance or two wheeler insurance in India when bought online delivers several key benefits. When you have your insurance booked instantly using internet website, you are delivered with a digitally signed policy that is issued immediately through insurance online facility. You can print the policy document and start using it immediately. Moreover, if you have a debit or credit card and you pay your premiums due on car policy you also benefit from a fixed credit time period. Moreover, many insurance companies also offer EMI facility available only on specific bank credit cards up to 6 months. In addition, you may be offered relatively lower premiums for the same insurance policy. Similarly, when you instantly book car insurance, or critical illness insurance, or group motor policies using internet you may get special offers even after business hours at the last moment. This is one of the reasons, why people buy online insurance for their vehicles or for themselves.

Car insurance can be quickly researched online using several insurance comparison websites. You may also instantly get quote for prices from different insurance companies by visiting their websites. Thus, while you enjoy several benefits including speed, convenience, discounts, relative lower rates of premium and many more. These are truly enough reasons for every car owner to buy policies online sitting back from the comfort of your home or office and avoiding boring sales pitches.

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